To the world of the Savannah cat!

The Savannah cat is a domestic breed of cat, that is in Championship status in The International Cat Association (TICA), that is created using the exotic Serval cat. The Savannah cat is a fun loving, always on the go cat that you won't find resting very often. These wonderful cats are extremely active and the earlier generations (first and second generation) can grow up to 20 lbs.  The majority of Savannah cats range in size from 8 lbs to 18 lbs with the larger cats being the early generation males.  Savannah cats normally look like they weigh more than they do. With their long lean bodies and long legs, a Savannah can often look like it weighs at least 5 lbs more than it actually does. 

Exotic Looks, Domestic Temperaments


6th Generation Male and Female Available!


Pet Priced at 1500.00 which includes altering and microchip. Ready to go home in November!


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